Awake Within A Dream

Nov 05

I have to let this out!!!

I am falling in love with my coworker! I can’t talk about this on FB because i’m friends with him on there, but I want to shout it to the whole world!! i’m super excited because this guy likes me too and I haven’t seen him in 2 weeks and i miss him like CRAZY, i’m DYING here!! lol We aren’t quite to the point yet of telling each other how we feel but it’s obvious to us and our coworkers. Something is going to happen. So i’ve been spending the last 2 weeks listening to songs that remind me of him and counting down the days! Tomorrow he should be back, and I am so happy and excited I can barely contain myself!!!


Nov 05

My Muse video! I don’t really like any of their videos because I don’t think the visuals match the music, so I made my own. But then I had to get a few messages across too so it kind of evolved into something bigger. So check it out, Musers! :-)

Oct 29

I have recently become obsessed with Muse


Thank you to the people I follow, for introducing me to your fandom… :’)  

Me too!! I’ve been a fan for years but 3 weeks ago just became insatiably obsessed with them!!

Oct 29

Reblog if you’re a Muser.

Oct 28

I fucking love Muse.

The title says it all.

Oct 21

Thank you Muse for existing.

Oct 12

I’m depressed. Everyone else on here is like “GOING TO SEE MUSE!” and i’m just sat here like:

Sep 22
Sep 22

quote I won’t be a rock star. I will be a God, and Brian May will be my slave.

Freddie Mercury (via incorrectfreddiemercuryquotes)

Yes, this is incorrect!

I won’t be a rock star. I will be a god, and Brian May will be my slave. - Freddie Mercury Kelly


(via little-niggah-sugar)

This sounds like something Eric Nally would say about himself, and make Alex his slave! LOL

Sep 18